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Itamar De Los Santos Start Date: Nov 21, 2016 - End Date: Jun 8, 2017
  • Port-au-Prince, Ouest Department, Haiti

My Travel Story

by: Itamar De Los Santos Start Date: Nov 21, 2016 - End Date: Jun 8, 2017
One person alone may not have the power to have a big impact in society. However, as this one person unites and helps and motivates others changes and improvement can be achieved.
It is critical to think outside of the box and to see the world not as a place in which there is only suffering and tragedy, but where love, faith, unity, and good intentions still exist despite of all the injustices that abound...
I profoundly believe that if instead of focusing on mistakes and imperfections if we as individuals we would just lower our guard and be more patient and caring, we could all stand together and become as strong and united as a rock. I believe that there is no sense spending years and so much effort in college if there is not a reason. Money may come to everyone’s minds, but at the end what is the meaning of money if there is not happiness and no one to care for. There is no value to me in getting an empty, selfish education. I want to help others with my education. I want to take action and make changes for the better of us, the people. Haiti was one of my first option because it is one of the poorest countries worldwide.
I understand how difficult it may be for one person to make big changes, but I deeply believe by uniting with others we as a whole are able to make changes. By funding this trip you are not only giving me financial aid, but you are helping me realize my goals and at the same time providing me with the opportunity to help others.
  • Port-au-Prince, Ouest Department, Haiti