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Jafreen Alamgir Start Date: Jun 23, 2018 - End Date: Oct 20, 2018
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My Travel Story

by: Jafreen Alamgir Start Date: Jun 23, 2018 - End Date: Oct 20, 2018
I am Jafreen Alamgir who is currently studying in Politics, Philosophy and Economics in Asian University for Women. And I am minoring in Development Studies and ICT. I am very passionate about changing the world.

Currently, I am experiencing a financial crisis. Which is creating a barrier for me to attend the conference. Additionally, it has been very challenging for me to convince my parents to give the money I need to attend the conference. But I really want to attend the conference since it will help me to explore and network with people who can help me in taking initiatives that will change the world. Sounds dreamy, but I am very serious to make it happen.


I have been selected to attend the 11th International Youth Leadership Conference Dubai, scheduled to be held in Dubai from the 17th-22nd November 2018.

The IYLC is a forum on world politics, international relations and justice, which will be held in UAE. The theme of the conference is a "cross‐cultural exchange of ideas concerning the future of world leadership." We will be
welcoming up to one hundred students from the world’s most renowned universities.

The fee for attending this educational conference is 1,650USD and this is all encompassing while at the conference. The fee includes tuition, accommodation, local transportation during the week and all conference
related activities, including all meals.

If I cannot attend this conference, I will feel depressed thinking that I had the potential but it was only because of the lack of money, I could not attend it. Being a Bangladeshi, I feel that attending this conference will help me to cooperate with people from various nations and have an interactive discussions about how to solve global development and economic issues.

 Bangladesh is one of the few countries that enriches in culture,hospitality,natural flora and fauna and ethnic homogeneity.  It has made considerable progress in their economic performances because of the rapid growth of service sectors. In fact, the World Bank has appreciated that Bangladesh turned out be an example to the world for poverty eradication. But there are still things that need to be solved and they are : political corruption, patriarchal "rape culture", environmental issues (sound pollution, air pollution), and coping with the changing trends of globalization. 

 When people are wondering how BRAC University is ranking the top private university in Bangladesh, I was being fascinated by the Gender Gap Index.World Bank has already approved that Bangladesh is the fast growing developing country, which requires a slight improvement in quality education for primary schools, gender empowerment and a few more things.This might take Bangladesh to a new level-be the new Asian Tiger by increasing GDP. It's performance in Gender Gap Index has done a magic by ranking really high from 72 to 47th position, with Iceland being the highest. But this should come as an inspiration for people of Bangladesh to emphasize more on women empowerment, rather than discouraging it.

By contributing a portion of your fund here, you will be able to make a significant contribution to the empowerment of women and her education.

You can contribute by giving your information to which includes,
-your name (as on the card)
-your card number
-expiration date
-billing address
The regular formats of IYLC's account numbers are as follows:
EUR account: 235311727-0300, USD account: 235312148-0300, CZK account: 235284132-0300

Looking forward to your support and reflection.

 Yours Faithfully,
Jafreen Alamgir

  • United Arab Emirates