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Brittany Smith Start Date: Apr 12, 2018 - End Date: Oct 11, 2018
  • Florence, Italy

My Travel Story

by: Brittany Smith Start Date: Apr 12, 2018 - End Date: Oct 11, 2018
I am going to be going to Florence, Italy to study nutrition and psychology! I hope to graduate with a BS in dietetics, and a minor in psychology.
The class I will be taking on health and fitness will be very different than what I learn here. The Italians idea of health will be completely different than what we think in America.
Italy is said to be one of the healthiest countries because of the Mediterranean diet. People in America are not really educated about healthy habits. I will be able to take this with me as a dietitian in the future and use it as a way for my clients to be healthy in a different way than what we know. I would love to feel like I am living in Italy and going to farmers markets every week to shop for my food! I would really be interested in learning how a country that is so popular for pasta and pizza, can be one of the healthiest.

Your money would help me with:
Program fees
Passport and other fees

I have already been approved to take these classes to transfer to my home college:
Health and Fitness in the Mediterranean- which would include cooking labs, wine tastings, and physical activity in different parts of Florence.
Literature of the Grand Tour of Italy
Culture Shock: Cross Cultural Psychology
Social Psychology
  • Florence, Italy