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Abdrahman Aymen Start Date: Jul 29, 2018 - End Date: Nov 28, 2018
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My Travel Story

by: Abdrahman Aymen Start Date: Jul 29, 2018 - End Date: Nov 28, 2018

I'm Abd El Rahman Ayman a third grade preparatory student from Egypt. Mechanical Department Head at Robo-Tech (The Kraken) Team. For the second year we have announced representing the Arab world at ROV 2018 Competition in Washington DC for The International Final. This year, I came back from the international competition that was held in Seattle, WA. With very good news to my homeland and to the Arab world as a whole which we were happy to represent in the finals. Egypt, which is represented by "Egypt National ROV Teams" is the "Top of The World 2018".

Let me introduce myself to you, I’m fifteen year old Who lives in Egypt. I was a normal student until I heard about robotics and programming in 2014, Since then I start searching for courses to learn robotics and programming but I didn’t find any courses that accept my age. So I headed to another way of learning which is self learning until I heard about IEEE Organization in 2015. In 2016, I participated in one of IEEE programs to teach student robotics engineering or programming or automation. It was my dream to join this program and actually I have been accepted after I passed the application and the interview and I choose Robotics engineering track. In this track, I learned c programming, Arduino programming, Electrical engineering and mechanical engineering and at the end of the track there is competition. finally my team won the first place in this competition. It was the first step in my life success.
After IEEE , I heard about Mate Rov Competition and Robo-tech team. I was impressed by this competition. So I joined Robo-Tech Team in 2017. First thing after I got accepted in robo-tech team. They had gave the new members courses in Mechanical and Electrical engineering then I end up in the mechanical team not only that, but I am the department head now, although I am the youngest member in the team. Then we have achieved The 1st Place Ranger over all Arab World at ROV 2018 Competition which qualifying us going to Washington DC for The International Final. In 2018 I traveled to USA to compete in the Mate ROV International competition and we won 1st place over all world.

Unfortunately, Education in Egypt is very bad, It designed for people who able to save the curriculum and not understand the curriculum. That's bad thing for many student that I'm one of them. For that, I want to complete the rest of my education abroad. I have contacted Nord Anglia Education School, and they are willing to support me with $10,000 of $60,000 total. Thank you in advance for any assistance, monetary or otherwise, you are able to provide.

  • United States of America