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Samantha Bolognese Start Date: Sep 15, 2017 - End Date: Jun 14, 2018
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My Travel Story

by: Samantha Bolognese Start Date: Sep 15, 2017 - End Date: Jun 14, 2018
I am a dynamic educator with the skill and ability to teach children at all elementary levels. I graduated from The College of New Jersey and attained my Bachelors Degree in both Elementary Education and Psychology, in addition to a New Jersey Teaching Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing. I am applying now, more inspired than ever by your school’s exceptional commitment to embracing community diversity.
I have completed my full-time student teaching of second grade at the title I school of Greenwood Elementary in Hamilton, New Jersey. I promote multicultural learning to encourage the diverse population and meet the needs of all students. I instill a responsive classroom routine and interactive, cross-curricular lessons aligned to Common Core State Standards. In my time there, and in previous practicums, I have established solid classroom management skills by applying my background in behavioral and developmental psychology, and experiencing countless strategies in use. I have made such strong bonds and proven that I can build a mutual trust and respect with my students in just the brief period of student teaching experiences. My positions as a teacher in numerous school and educational settings and to youth of low socio-economic status have strengthened my abilities to extend multifaceted teaching to any student of varying backgrounds, abilities, and even languages. I embrace the power of growth-mindset and perseverance when working with all children and will continue to spread this constructive attitude in any position and throughout my future career. I am confident that my extensive experience with children and passion to motivate change and support in young lives would strengthen your schools.
I possess experience working with classes of children with varying academic abilities, which has proven to be an advantage to me both in my student teaching and past teaching experiences. My comprehensive research in literacy and education has further cultivated my proactive interest in the psychology field, which will prove to be an asset in gaining a deeper understanding of my students. With that, I am eager for the opportunity to demonstrate my passion for learning and educating by spreading knowledge accross the world.
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