Solidarity #NoDAPL

Gabby Gabbard Start Date: Nov 17, 2016 - End Date: Mar 16, 2017
  • Cannon Ball, ND, United States
  • Sonoma, CA, United States

My Travel Story

by: Gabby Gabbard Start Date: Nov 17, 2016 - End Date: Mar 16, 2017
"Godspeed and trust in the journey! One must be like the order to move forward we must stick our neck out and take those necessary steps."

These funds are for the soul purpose to use while at the Camp and for the camp.
I have the priveledge to Travel with my fellow Veterans to support Standing Rock against DAPL on Dec 2.
Once I return to NYC I will be setting up to head back to camp ASAP.

As a Veteran, I have kept the urge to help those around me. Durring my tour in Afghanistan, I found a way to spend 85% of my time doing humanitarian missions. I want to continue that path, but this time I want to protect our own nation here on American soil against a true Domestic Enemy.

Following this 1 week stay, I will be returning  to stay as long as they need me and to stand in Solidarity with my Indigenous Brothers and sisters to protect our water and earth for the future of our children and theirs. 

I will be rasing this money to fund supplies and items needed, to bring to Standing Rock. It has been stated to come, and leave more than you take on the journey.The supplies are needed for those who do stay. I do not want to be that burden. Some may have the idea that this is a way to exploit the name of these sacred people, which has become a problem apparently. However, I can gaurantee my intentions are to help where I can. and go without empty hands and give where needed, and represent for some of you who may not be able to go yourself.
Their are many Funding pages out there and a direct donation page on the Tribes Web page if you prefer to donate that way. The reason behind me doing it this way is I know exactly wat will be given. I want to be able to get there and go get what is needed at that moment: wood, propane, etc. Many donations have become redundant, and it takes up space.

I have become more and more passionate about our mother earth over the last decad. After becoming involved with the Standing Rock protest via Social Media, I find it time to actually step away from the computer, and the couch, and move out to where the change and support are needed most.  I will be staying there for a month, at the least, after the initial week. And the money will be used for the sole purpose of supplying what may be needed for the camp while I am there. Any funds left over will be donated directly to the Cheif or Elders in charge.
 I will be leaving NYC and my life here to help those who are helping save this planet against this domestic enemy...

I pray for guidance and positivity and understanding in these trying times I am nothing more than a vessel for truth and for the Indigenous, as I truly feel this is all our battle as protectors. we are all Indigenous to this planet and should all stand in protection of what mother earth has provided us!
Greed is a heavy burden to bear for those who protect against it. We are nothing in the aspect of the greater universe we are mearly an atom here to work together for the greater good!

Thanks in Advance for your help and please feel free to contact me for any questions. 

Peace and positivity!


  • Cannon Ball, ND, United States
  • Sonoma, CA, United States



    Leaving Friday! I am so anxious yet happy and humbled. Please pray for positivity and protection as us Vets all travel to stand with our Indigenous brothers and sisters from across the Nation!
  • Heading To Honor My Duty

    Heading To Honor My Duty
    I recently found an amazing group of Vets that are heading to Standing Rock this weekend of the 3rd. I will be joining them and heading out for a week. A prequel if you will. I will be joining other brothers and sisters who are heading to join our Indigenous brethren in the peaceful protection agains the Dakots Access Pipeline and the Army Corp of Engineers.
    The ACoE recently send out an eviction notice to evict the Oceti Sakowin Camp. This is where we are planning to head. An estimated 1500+ Veterans well be standing firm in their salute to protect the American People against this Domestic Enemy. I honestly feel that this is going to make a huge impact. I also pray that we will get there and peacefully uphold these vows.
    I am super great full for all of you who have shared and donated please continue to get the word out and send emails and questions. I will be covering the events in Standing Rosk this coming week to the best of my ability and hope to send any thing find out to make more transparent and visual to those who may be in the dark!

    I love you all and as I told a friend just today, I have faith in what the Universe has planned for me and I feel that their is nothing that I feel fear in. I feel all things are possible when done in truth.

    Love, Peace, and Positivity!