Ivy's Artistic Adventure: Abroad In Prague!

Ivy H. Start Date: Mar 21, 2022 - End Date: Jul 9, 2022
  • Prague, Czechia
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My Travel Story

by: Ivy H. Start Date: Mar 21, 2022 - End Date: Jul 9, 2022
Hello friends, family, friends-of-family, and maybe even strangers!? I'm happy you're here.
I am a high school freshman at an art school in northern California. I have an incredible opportunity to attend the Art & Design Institut (a fine arts college) in Prague in three months!!

Studying abroad didn't seem possible for many reasons (one being my health condition). To be honest, I didn't expect I'd get in this year but I applied anyway for experience with the application process - then I received the surprise of my life!

This Creative Arts program will teach different art mediums. I'll get extra experience with the subjects I study at school (digital art & animation; photography) and I'll learn new forms of art I haven't tried before (like printmaking). I'm excited to experience all of it and return home full of new creative inspiration to start my sophmore year at MSA!

I have most of the fees for my tuition, room & board, and meals covered. I have only FIVE WEEKS to earn and/or raise the rest of the $ needed! My travel costs are higher than other students because of my T1D (for instance we want to make sure I have extra travel insurance and a flight chaperone for part of the trip, plus I'll need specific things like temperature-controlled storage for my insulin).

Once I pay for my flight then I will be official! At that point I will begin to save toward the extras that will help me get the MOST out of this opportunity. For example, I have to bring my own technology. I already have an ipad I use for drawing, but the screen is cracked so I'd love to get that fixed. Or better yet, an upgrade to a Macbook Pro that is able to run the animation software I'll use at ADI and my Digital Art II homework next school year.

My family and I have planned some fun ways for me to raise money -- from a raffle with students to a lemonade stand and bake sale with my brothers. I'm even looking to collaborate with a local restaurant for a fundraising night.

I'm also earning money on my own too. I'm working the concessions booth during Little League season and I'll be getting my CPR certification so I can start babysitting.

Please subscribe or check back often for updates. I'm excited to share this experience with you and I appreciate any and all support!

  • Prague, Czechia
  • Czechia


  • 2 Days Left & FUNdraising Continues

    2 Days Left  & FUNdraising Continues
    This past weekend my little brothers had a lemonade stand and raised $200 for me! I'm so thankful and honestly kind of shocked at how many people have supported me on this so far. Saying thank you over and over just doesn't seem like enough so bear with me as I find a better way to express my gratitude!
    I'll update on travel day and then switch updates to my private site (and send the passwords out then too).

    Dobrý den!
    I've been practicing my Czech :)
    It's been a super busy Spring so I haven't updated the site or practiced my Czech enough, but now I'm out of school for the summer and will focus the next 4 weeks on fundraising and getting ready!

    So far I've put the received donations toward:

    -notary fees (ex: consent for minor to travel)
    -czech lessons
    - international phone plan
    -8% website fees

    In the next 27 days I'll be babysitting and trying to raise another $600-800 to cover:

    -luggage/travel stuff for carrying my medical gear
    -airline baggage fee
    -extra travel insurance
    -spending money and emergency money
    -hotel and ground transportation for traveling to JFK to meet up with my group

    I hope to report back soon with another update :)

    Na shledanou!

    (picture is of my photography on display in a gallery in March 2022)

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