Ivy's Artistic Adventure: Abroad In Prague!

Ivy H. Start Date: Mar 21, 2022 - End Date: Jul 9, 2022
  • Prague, Czechia
  • Czechia

My Travel Story

by: Ivy H. Start Date: Mar 21, 2022 - End Date: Jul 9, 2022
Hello friends, family, friends-of-family, and maybe even strangers!? I'm happy you're here.
I am a high school freshman at an art school in northern California. I have an incredible opportunity to attend the Art & Design Institut (a fine arts college) in Prague in three months!!

Studying abroad didn't seem possible for many reasons (one being my health condition). To be honest, I didn't expect I'd get in this year but I applied anyway for experience with the application process - then I received the surprise of my life!

This Creative Arts program will teach different art mediums. I'll get extra experience with the subjects I study at school (digital art & animation; photography) and I'll learn new forms of art I haven't tried before (like printmaking). I'm excited to experience all of it and return home full of new creative inspiration to start my sophmore year at MSA!

I have most of the fees for my tuition, room & board, and meals covered. I have only FIVE WEEKS to earn and/or raise the rest of the $ needed! My travel costs are higher than other students because of my T1D (for instance we want to make sure I have extra travel insurance and a flight chaperone for part of the trip, plus I'll need specific things like temperature-controlled storage for my insulin).

Once I pay for my flight then I will be official! At that point I will begin to save toward the extras that will help me get the MOST out of this opportunity. For example, I have to bring my own technology. I already have an ipad I use for drawing, but the screen is cracked so I'd love to get that fixed. Or better yet, an upgrade to a Macbook Pro that is able to run the animation software I'll use at ADI and my Digital Art II homework next school year.

My family and I have planned some fun ways for me to raise money -- from a raffle with students to a lemonade stand and bake sale with my brothers. I'm even looking to collaborate with a local restaurant for a fundraising night.

I'm also earning money on my own too. I'm working the concessions booth during Little League season and I'll be getting my CPR certification so I can start babysitting.

Please subscribe or check back often for updates. I'm excited to share this experience with you and I appreciate any and all support!

  • Prague, Czechia
  • Czechia


  • A Huge Thank You! (+ Answers To Some Questions I've Gotten)

    A Huge Thank You! (+ Answers To Some Questions I've Gotten)
    Wow!! I am so grateful to those who have donated already! I keep worrying I won't be able to buy my plane ticket by the deadline in five weeks, but reaching $1000 on my first day makes me think it's really possible. THANK YOU!

    Here are some answers to the questions I've gotten so far:

    - Yes! Your donation can be an early birthday present. I am not making a birthday wishlist this year because all I really want is to be able to go on this trip and your support in making it happen is more than enough :)

    - Yes! I can receive donations in other ways. I have Apple Pay and CashApp and my parents have Venmo and Paypal.

    - Yes! You can donate airline and hotel points instead of money. The group flight is on United Airlines and my MileagePlus # is: FYX20309
    There's also a Hilton Honors number I can give you if needed.

    -- Ivy
    (picture is of me super surprised and feeling loved when I saw the first donations coming!)

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