Asia Internship Program is a professional service provider specialized in creating meaningful internship experiences in Asia. Our programs are customized towards our applicants’ skillset, expectations and requirements. Each internship is therefore uniquely designed towards the intern’s career goals. Unlike other programs out there, AIP does not simply place students in companies. We work closely with every single candidates and find out their expectations are to ensure that every positions are tailored towards the students' profiles that matches perfectly with what they are seeking.

Featured Campaigns

  • Interning in South Korea...

    Hayley Daughma

    After years of hoping and wishing, I’m finally going to live out my dream of going to South Korea! What’s better is that I am going there to...

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    • $ 2500
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  • Photography Dream

    Danielle Williams

    Going abroad is a life changing experience which has an intimidating pricetag for freshmen in college. I abandoned my Biology major, a career...

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    • $ 10369
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  • Internship in Korea

    Sharday Thomas

    I'm currently a college student that wants to do something out of the ordinary. I plan to work in Korea after I finish my last year in college to...

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    • £ 6752
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