At if i could…, we take the time to understand your goals, find the ideal internship, and meet your support needs to ensure that you get the most out of your internship in Cape Town, South Africa or New Delhi, India. We will guide and advise you as you work out your budget and make travel arrangements, and help you secure accommodation. Our team will meet you on arrival, introduce you to your host organisation, connect you with other interns and help you have an amazing and transformative experience in both countries.South Africa and India both have a wide range of non-profit organisations working across all development fields and offering myriad opportunities for international students and graduates to enjoy a worthwhile internship. You don’t need to have specifically studied in a development-related field, as many non-profit organisations require a range of skills and expertise in other organisational areas such as finance, communications and information technology. In a nutshell: 2 continents, 20+ internship opportunities and over 200 ways to make a difference.

    Sometimes it feels like the biggest obstacle to going abroad is financing your trip, but that doesn't have to be the case! Creative Consulting and Development Works has teamed up with FundMyTravel so that participants can make their very own fundraising pages online. This way, you have a creative platform to communicate personal messages, keep your audience engaged with your travel plans, and collect the funding to help make this experience a possibility.

    With a simplified payment system, participants collect funds right to their secure PayPal or WePay account. There is a solid team of experienced travelers and professionals at FundMyTravel, who are here to offer campaigners support, including insights for fundraising success. You can check out a few tips below before clicking the button above, to get started!


    Just like travel, fundraising is about an exchange - so whether you send them post cards, create a video-diary, start a blog, or grow a photo gallery - make sure to share these things with your networks in exchange for their donations and online support! You can check out more unique and creative ideas on our Fundraising Toolkit.


    Using Social Media, writing Personal Emails and sharing consistent Updates on your campaign are essential steps for reaching that fundraising goal. You can plan the most inspiring trip, upload a video about it, and complete your campaign with profile details, but it won't make a difference unless you tell everyone where to find it!


    Be sure to thank any and everyone who contributes to your campaign either through funding, shares, or even just likes. Be sure to acknowledge your supporters through Facebook and Twitter shout-outs, fun and engaging videos, individual emails or messages, hand-written letters and they are more likely to spread the word on your campaign efforts.