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For my whole life I have been extremely passionate about two things, helping people and horses. This opportunity for me to intern in Ireland will give me an amazing advantage and help me reach my dream of opening a theraputic riding center. While my area of internship has not been finalized, it will either be in equine studies, social work, or even at an actually riding center working with children with autism and other disabilities. While helping people and horses has gotten me through thick and thin, I have faced many obstacles through out my life. These obstacles have only made the motivation for my dream to become stronger. My childhood wasnt the typical childhood. I was diagnosed with Lupus symptoms, which gave me a blood clotting disorder called Chilblains Pernio. Because of this, I have been in and out of the hospital for several years. On top of this, I lost my Aunt Nancy and my parents went on to get a divorce. I remember having so much stress and thoughts that it couldnt get anyworse. The only thing that saved me from these thoughts and gave me an escape from reality were horses. The horse that I ride, Diva Las Vegas has been my 'therapist' for two years now and the amount of affection and love that radiates from her is incredible. Opening a theraputic riding center will give me the chance to give children and adults, struggling with those same thoughts, an escape from it all and give them a smile and the self confidence to feel proud of themselves, just as my horse did.