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My Travel Story Hello everyone! My name is Alexandra Orullian! Currently, I am a California Statue University Northridge (CSUN) student, where I am studying both American Sign Language (ASL) and Spanish. My overall focus is education, in the future I don't want to specifically teach Sign Language or Spanish, however I feel that learning two different languages and cultures will help me to become a better educator in the future, and, I personally do believe that our education system needs more cultural awareness and more cultural respect, especially, when dealing with our young diverse children.  In addition, I think one of the best ways to understand another language and another culture is to immerse myself. This is one of the reasons why I attend CSUN; it has a huge Deaf population, all of my Deaf studies classes are conducted in ASL, no English, and I am meeting many Deaf people, which help me as a hearing person, to understand Deaf culture more clearly. However, there is no one country that is filled with only Deaf people that I can go to, so CSUN was my immersion/study abroad option.  Now for my Spanish minor, I have many options; I can go to Cuba, Spain, Honduras, etc. And when I saw the opportunity to go to La Coruna Spain, I immediatly took advantage of it. A few years back I studied abroad with my community college to Cuba, it was one of the most wonderful experiences I ever had, where I learned about the country's history, culture, celebrations, customs, landmarks, geography, their own Spanish dialect, etc.  I am very grateful and blessed to have had this opportunity and that is why I am asking for support, on top of the full time job that I already have. I have some money saved up of course, but in all honesty, this program is extremely expensive. This is why I am applying for scholarships and grants, this is why I am working full time while being a full time college student, and this is why I am asking for help and support. If there is anything that anyone can do to pitch in it would be obviously, greatly appreciated. If not, I appreciate you taking the time to read this and I wish you all good luck with any of your endeavors.   Thank you again, Alexandra Orullian