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Hello, my name is Bernadette and I am a creative Veterinary Technician who loves helping animals and people. I’m born and raised in the beautiful state of Colorado, USA; I have always been a lover of animals; my career revolving around animals. Being a technician and a pet sitter I have had hands on experience in helping Dogs, Cats and some small critters in need. I love that bond I develop with these animals, I want to experience more and with even bigger animals. I have volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, Children’s Museum Trick or Treat Streets, Foothill Animal Shelter and homeless shelters. The thrill I feel from helping makes me feel whole and accomplished. Lately I have felt I have fallen in a rut and its time to stop saying I’ll do things and start doing. Having a dream to Go to Africa and work with/for animals is something I can achieve. I decided after much research that I was going to Volunteer in South Africa and be helpful to this program. Along the way I’ll get the opportunity to explore South Africa and work on myself. Traveling on my own for the first time and meeting people from all over the world feels like a wonderful and freeing experience for me at this point in my life. Those who know me well have seen me grow from a dark place to the strong women I am today. I feel as though there is always opportunity to grow and with this experience I will become an even better me. I'm a creative corkey gal who is very friendly and ready for an adventure!