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In 2017, I unknowingly embarked on my spiritual journey when I headed to Rishikesh, India to attend a 200-hours yoga teacher training course. My life started unraveling with all the invaluable knowledge and wisdom imparted by my teacher, and life itself. Fast forward to June 2018, I was back in the same town to complete another 300-hours yoga teacher training. Additionally, I picked up Reiki healing level 1 and 2 training as well as a basic 5-days Ayurvedic massage course. This total inside-out learning journey has taught me the depth and relations between our mind, body, soul and the Universe. These three different fields of training have formed such a strong foundation for me in the understanding of life. Today, I've changed from whom I thought I was and I'm living differently because of my newfound awareness and appreciation of life. Despite so, I am still a lifelong student of life and yoga - learning, making mistakes, wising up and evolving every single day. I find that the more I live consciously, the more I get closer to my true self, my purpose, and passion. My Agenda With this new fire within me, I aspire to inspire more individuals to delve deeper into themselves. By sharing my journey, personal life stories, knowledge and thoughts, I hope it will trigger deep thoughts and prompt you to reanalyze your life. In this space, I strive to be as truthful, genuine and open-hearted as much as possible; even if it creates some vulnerability for me. I firmly believe this love for life that I have received and grown should go around and touch more lives. Along the way, I will be sharing other information such as my lifestyle choices, products, and services that I personally believe in. In short, I hope to help and inspire people to find the light in their lives, be it through yoga, energy healing, fitness, lifestyle, nutrition or self-cultivation.