Erion Morton

About Me

Hello! My name is Erion Morton, and I am a sophomore at Chatham University studying music and also completing PA K-12 Music Education Certification at Carnegie Mellon University. I play the tenor saxophone, and I am currently learning flute, clarinet, and violin. I have been studying the Japanese language for 4 years, and I took the highest level of Japanese that is offered at my university, so I have been looking for another way to continue learning the language. I do not want to forget what I have already learned. One of my major goals in life is definitely to become proficient in conversational Japanese, and maybe take up another language, so I can become more of a global citizen. I love learning about other cultures and listening to personal stories of others. In return, I hope I can make a contribution that has a positive effect on another person. I believe that everyone should make an effort to get to know a person from a different walk of life than themselves, because you never know what someone else can potentially teach you, and you could end up discovering something about yourself you never would have thought about.

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