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Hadar is a Mizrahi feminist multi-media artist and Jewish mystic, educating Jewish and multifaith communities about the beauty of Judaism. She is a 10th generation Jerusalemite currently based in Los Angeles. Hadar founded Malchut, a mystical school that teaches direct experience of God through heart centered spiritual traditions. Hadar teaches classes and consults for organizations on spiritual and political matters including Ashkneormativity, Anti-semitism, feminism, and Jewish tradition. She studied Electrical Engineering at Cooper Union and participated in an alternative divinity school. Hadar was the first Jewish fellow at Abrahamic House, a multi-faith incubator for social change. She is the founder of Feminism All Night - a public community gathering manifesting a space for feminist spiritual discourse. She is passionate about connecting the Mizrahi community in Israel and the Diaspora and teaching Mizrahi culture to the Jewish world. She has been a Scholar in Residence for At The Well and has served as their Lead Educator teaching Torah and integrating Jewish wisdom with embodied practice. Her dedication to Jewish education translates to her activism work, cultivating multifaith gathering opportunities, and seeding the development of the Mizrahi-Palestinian Solidarity Network. Hadar is also an artist, weaving prayer rugs, writing poetry books and creating performance art films. Her most recent art show was on Prostrations- a compilation of fiber art, film, audio, scripture and poetry in reflection of Jewish devotional prayer practice. Hadar’s inspiration and dedication to her work comes from her deep roots in Jerusalem, her Mizrahi lineage and her spiritual devotional practices. https://www.hadarcohen.me/ @hadarcohen32