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Our Mission: To enhance your travel experience at no additional cost to you. Yes, this is absolutely possible. Try our services, and you will tell all your friends to contact us for their future adventures! We specialize in experience based travel itineraries to more places then you could possibly imagine & also offer Latin American relocation services in places where you can thrive on your Social Security check! Our people are young and fun! Don't let that fool you into thinking we lack experience. Combined, the fun makers have hundreds of successful adventures trotting the globe's finest destinations and years living abroad. All this to ensure the most pleasurable worry free experiences for our clients. Break out the blueberries and apricots (mother earth's memory medicine) your brain will want to remember these experiences forever! We also offer partial services for whatever pieces are missing from the adventure on your horizon. We have travel advice, restaurant guides, tourist maps, insider info for local events, shuttle services, boats, guided pub crawls, and basically anything you can think of for just about anywhere you would want to go.

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