Paige Forbes

About Me

I developed a passion for traveling when I was 18 years old and found that through travel I can best spend my time by helping others and learning new ways to improve our earth and spread awareness. I am grateful the opportunities that I have been given the last 8 years. These experiences include, 2 months living in the Himalays of India where we backpacked and lived in farming communities and learned about the impacts climate change has on farming in high altitude locations, I then traveled to Tanzania in South Africa where we hiked Mount Meru and had the opportunity to work along side local guides and help them develop education programs to bring awareness to the term LNT (Leave No Trace). Lastly I have traveled to Belize, Honduras, and Columbia where I depended my knowledge on ocean population and how climate change is affecting our oceans ecosystems, specifically looking at coral reef restoration and rehabilitating the marine life. This year I will be traveling to Costa Rica to help volunteer with their local healthcare and provide medical assistance to children, disabled adults, and the homeless. I feel that through these experiences I am able to learn more than I ever would in a textbook and that includes learning a lot about myself. "The time we have now is the only time we will ever have, so use!"