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Backpacking in New Mexico. Hiking in Europe. Swimming with dolphins in Mexico. Snorkeling in Florida. Animals. Nature. Traveling. These are the three best words to describe me, Rebecca Johanns, and what I love. After my grandpa showed me how great animals are, I immediately realized I had a soft spot in my heart for all of them from dogs to elephants. In recent times, this love has brought me to want to work with some of the world's wildest and most endangered animals. My dream is to work as a veterinarian on a safari while doing conservation and humanitarian work. It's not just the animals that attract me to Africa. My constant pursuit of adventure and love for traveling has drawn me there as well. My entire life I have been traveling. I was born in Luxembourg, a tiny country in Central Europe. My mom is from Jefferson City, and when I was two years old, my family decided to move to Missouri. We took a trip about every year back to Luxembourg to visit my dad’s family and often took mini trips within Europe while over there. My favorite memory was going to a cabin resort in the Netherlands. We went there a few times over the years and always had a blast. They had everything from water skiing to mountain biking. When we were there, I felt like I was in a completely different world. It is this feeling of experiencing something new that seems like a whole other world that continues to push me to visit and explore new places. Upon completing my degree at Lincoln, my goal is to attend the University of Glasgow’s Veterinary School in Scotland and hopefully work on a safari in Africa one day. While there are many words to describe me, Rebecca Johanns, these three, animals, nature, and traveling, represent almost everything that has made me, well me. From backpacking to snorkeling and everything in between, these are the things that define me.