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I love yarn. I love travel. I have never left the North American Continent. I have Scottish, Irish, German, and probably Swedish heritage. Someday I would like to find a way to support myself with my crafts: crochet and knitting, whether that be in the form of a Renaissance Faire booth or an Etsy store, I have not started one yet at this point. I think being able to take this trip would be on the level of professional development and networking for me, as well as educational since I have dreamed of going to the UK! We have some amazing opportunities with the knitting teachers we have and the Scottish guide we have travelling with us. I work at the University of Colorado, in the Dean's Office of the College of Engineering. I like to joke with people that I am the comic relief. My strongest points are sharp wit, intelligence, and the ability to connect with people. I believe in Peace on Earth and I like to have a lot of fun and laughter in my life because it is too short to not be able to find as much joy as possible! I am on a mission to live one day at a time and do it as happily and with as much curiosity as possible!