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Fund meaningful travel experiences

Planning your next volunteer, study or adventure program abroad? Create your own Travel Campaign and start raising funds now!

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Fund meaningful travel experiences.

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It’s super easy! Just put in the Provider and the Program you are enrolled to let your donors know what and where your are going! You don’t need to worry, some details about your campaign can be edited even after it has been launched.

Why are passionate about travelling abroad?

Tell us who you are and why you decided to travel abroad. Your profile page will be available to public, let them see the real YOU!

Collect donations from your network of family and friends

With our Campaign Calculator, contributing to campaigns has never been this easy. Create a breakdown of all the expected expenses on your travel so your community will know how the money will immensely help you.

Don’t forget to share your adventures to your family and friends while abroad!


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Campaign Starts:June 25, 2013

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